Rolling blackouts to be contained within Stage 2 in winter: Eskom

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Power utility Eskom has announced the winter outlook will be contained within Stage 2 of rolling blackouts. The utility’s management outlined the status of the power grid ahead of the winter peak season at Megawatt Park in Johannesburg.

The country has seen a reprieve in the intensity of rolling blackouts with 30 consecutive days without any power interruptions due to improved power generation capacity.

Eskom has dismissed claims of the ramped-up usage of diesel to keep the lights on.

“We are quite pleased with the current performance we have seen for this first 30 days of winter. So, it is the testament to the job that has been done of the recovery plan that we have been doing,” says Eskom Head of Generation Bheki Nxumalo.

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The utility says the reliance on diesel has also come down.

“The way we are burning diesel now – because we use the reference of last winter as well and a budget for this year – if you look at the budget for this month in particular, we are almost like 40% below that. And compared to last year, we burned about 3 billion for the month of April, and this year, we are at about 1,4 billion. So, it shows that actually, we are burning less. Last year, we were burning diesel for more hours,” says Eskom Head of Generation Bheki Nxumalo.