Environmentalists criticize Energy Department’s move to procure more nuclear power

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Environmentalists and activists have criticized the Energy Department’s move to procure more nuclear power, after the National Energy Regulator’s recommendation to approve a plan to get 2 500 Megawatts of new nuclear power.

Eskom is looking at a second nuclear plant at Thyspunt in the Eastern Cape but communities in the area are unconvinced and have submitted their complaints to the National Energy Regulator.

Nuclear waste takes thousands of years to decay. Some green energy activists say wind and solar, coupled with battery storage, is a better alternative.

Earthlife Africa and Climate Justice Action’s Ulrich Steenkamp says the plant will ruin the area.

“The impact this will have on the community; because when they are constructed, yes there will be jobs, but once it’s done they lose their jobs. But I also fear that there will be lots of social unrest and problems and there has not been enough public consultation,” says  Steenkamp.

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