More than 700 employees of a manufacturing company in Mkhuhlu near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, claim to have been dismissed from work for self-isolating.

Apparently one of the employees tested positive for the coronavirus.

The other employees decided to stay away from work to give the company space to decontaminate the premises.

The video below is the National Command Council briefing on COVID-19 level 3 regulations:

The dismissed workers accuse the employer of acting in bad faith and not adhering to COVID-19 regulation.

“They are using the small bottles to sanitise the whole factory, the ones that we use to sanitise our hands when we are getting into the shops. We exercised our rights by telling the employer that we are only coming back to the company after it has been fumigated as per the rules and regulation of COVID-19. While we were staying at home we received messages that we are all dismissed,” explain dismissed workers.

INFOGRAPHIC: Level 3 lockdown: