Emfuleni Municipality seeks urgent interdict to stop Eskom from attaching its property

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The Emfuleni Local Municipality is seeking an urgent court interdict to stop Eskom from continuing to attach its property. On Tuesday, Eskom ordered the Sheriff of the court to attach vehicles and furniture of the municipality because it owes the power utility R2.3 billion for electricity supply.

However, Emfuleni Acting Mayor Councillor Pias Maseko says this amount is being reduced as they have paid Eskom almost R1.1 billion since 2018.

“We have filed papers with Eskom to make sure they stop the attachment so that we go back to them on the 20th so that we reach consensus on the repayments.”

Maseko says electricity supply to residents and businesses has not been affected by this and that service delivery would also not be seriously impacted as the municipal trucks are still available.

“But at the same time, we want to sit with Eskom because we tried to speak with Eskom before this thing happened.  We were not getting joy in terms of us and them having an agreement in terms of the repayment.”

Eskom has ramped up its debt collection efforts against its customers. The power utility is owed R26 billion by various municipalities across the country.

Eskom Spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha says municipalities that do not make payment arrangements or do not keep to them will have their properties attached.

“We will have to resort to attaching what we can to get the municipalities to meet their end of the bargain. Cutting off supply to municipalities does not solve the problem because the end customer at home or in business they do service their accounts with the municipality. So, where we can we will take this approach.”

In the video below Emfuleni Local Municipality’s property is taken away by the Sheriff: