Emfuleni Municapilty faces water cuts over non-payment

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Rand Water says it will start reducing its bulk water supply to the Emfuleni Local Municipality following the municipality’s failure to settle its debt of R419 million.

Earlier this year, residents spent days without water, which led to protests in some communities. Rand Water says it expects the municipality to settle the debt at the end of the month, before it turns the taps off.

Emfuleni Local Municipality communications manager, Stanley Gaba says the municipality’s current account is up-to-date.

However, it has only paid part of what Gaba describes as ‘historical debt’.

“We have been able to keep with the current account payment. The only unfortunate part is that we have not been able to fully pay on what we agreed in terms of the historical debt that has accumulated over a period of years.”

“Part of the terms is that we must pay the current account plus the best. And also if we failing to pay the historical debt is that we must communicate with them and we have been communicating with them to say we are unable to meet this debt, part of it but the current account we are paying,” says Gaba.

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