Emergency Services call on guardians to prioritise child safety

National Sea rescue Institute
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The festive period is in full swing and Emergency Services are calling on parents and guardians to be mindful of child safety.

A call has been made to the public by the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and other emergency services to ensure that children are not placed in danger while enjoying themselves during the holiday time.

Western Cape Operations Manager of Netcare 911, Lauren Lowenstein, says, “I think one of the biggest concerns we have is children being left un-minded, either at their swimming pools, or the beach. If you are driving with kids please strap them in. It’s really important. So, I think safety is our biggest issue this time of year,” says Lowenstein.

1 000 volunteers deployed at beaches

The Sea Rescue Institute says more than 1 000 volunteers are being deployed at beaches across the country for the festive period.

NSRI spokesperson, Craig Lambinon has also urged the public to be mindful that a strong springtide is also prevalent making sea conditions more dangerous.

The NSRI says with the festive period in full swing it’s once again time for the public to hit the beaches. Together with several other law enforcement units, the NSRI says it’s all systems go as they monitor the country’s coastline and parts of the inland.

NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon says, “As the NSRI we’ve got over a thousand volunteers around the country covering the whole coastline and some of the inland water just here in the background now we’ve got the police dive unit law enforcement marine unit the fire and rescue service dive unit as well as the NSRI boats It’s a joint operation when there is a sea rescue emergency a drowning or a boat capsizing or there’s a person missing at see it’s a joint operation between all of these services including the lifeguards on the beach.”

The issue of child safety over the festive time is also high on the agenda. Western Cape Operations Manager of Netcare 911, Lauren Lowenstein says this is always a major concern during the Summer Holidays.

“I think one of the biggest concerns we have is children being left unminded either at their swimming pools, on the beach. If you driving with kids, please strap them. It’s really important. So I think Safety is our biggest issue this time of year.”

But even with all emergency services geared up for this busy time, the responsibility still remains in the hands of the public.

“You can see we have a lifeguard here, but you know we have to play extra careful. Because as you can see, the tides can be unforgiving sometimes. There’s lifeguard telling you don’t go too close. I know there are lifeguards number one, number two. You have to swim in between the flags.

The NSRI has also called on the public not to swim under the influence, and if caught in a rip current not to fight it but to rather just to keep afloat while treading water with your hands and feet. Additional reporting by Carmel Loggenberg Roberts