Electoral Commission in DRC assures free, fair elections

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The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Independent National Electoral Commission has assured the electorate that it will deliver free and fair elections.

The country is heading to the polls in a week’s time for presidential and parliamentary elections.

However, the war in the eastern part of the country has posed a challenge to the commission to also access the area.

The Electoral Commission in the DRC is facing a monumental task organising the upcoming elections amid the war in the eastern part of the country.

Fighting in the eastern part has displaced over a million people from their homes and most of them will not participate in the elections.

Congolese will next week exercise their right to elect a new leadership. Twenty-two presidential candidates are vying for the top position.

Over 44 million eligible voters have registered to cast their ballot on Wednesday next week. The commission has the task to ensure the much-anticipated elections are free and fair.

Finance minister Nicolas Kazadi says the country will be stabilised.

Meanwhile, aspiring members of parliament such as Kasabele Thierry will also contest for 500 seats.

Incumbent President Felix Tshisekedi has promised his supporters that if given a second term, he will do all in his power to ensure stability in the country.

VIDEO | Tshisekedi drums up support ahead of next week’s polls: