Elections well conducted abroad: Ground Work Collective

SA immigrants abroad voting in the May elections
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The Ground Work Collective organisation says despite a few glitches, elections have been well conducted abroad.

As part of its X-Change campaign, the organisation dispatched its independent election observers to voting stations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Switzerland.

The campaign has seen thousands of South Africans volunteering to observe elections both at home and abroad.

Ground Work Collective’s founder and CEO Mbali Ntuli says, “ We’ve had some very good reports. South Africans are in high spirits, long queues, many of them have come out to vote. In Switzerland, they had a very high turnout. The queues were snaking way past the time that the SA house should’ve been closed, but obviously, everyone was still allowed to vote. Just really great reports of a lot of congeniality, a lot of people being excited to be South African.”

SA ex-pats continue voting in London on Sunday: