Electioneering calms down service delivery protests

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Constructive engagement during electioneering has led to a fall of service delivery protests. This is according to Municipal IQ’s Municipal Hotspots Monitor.

Municipal IQ shows that there have been 48 major service delivery protests staged against local government since the 1st January, occurring roughly at a rate of a protest every second day.

Kevin Allan, Managing Director of Municipal IQ, says at the current annual rate, protests in 2014 may set a new record, but an apparent slow-down in March means that this is not a foregone conclusion.

Karen Heese, Municipal IQ’s Economist says constructive engagement continues during election campaigns.

Heese says: “In 2009 and 2011, protest activity was seen to fall immediately before and during elections and it is important that constructive engagement continues during election campaigns”.

Gauteng and the Eastern Cape remain the most protest-ridden provinces in 2014, with the Eastern Cape just slightly ahead as of the end of March.

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