The Don Mattera Legacy Foundation has called on the public to allow the law to take its course in the case surrounding the death of Nathaniel Julies.

The 16-year-old was laid to rest at the Klipspruit cemetery in Soweto on Saturday.

Julies who had down syndrome was allegedly killed by police officers last week in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg.

His killing has sparked unrest in the community with residents calling for justice.

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder.

Dr Teddy Mattera a member of the Don Mattera Legacy Foundation says, “It would seem that there is a process going on and we fully respect the law. There has been a great effort on the side of the government to fully investigate what transpired on that day of the death of Mr Julies. The law must take its course. There is a general sense that there is a lack of commitment to give those rights to the communities but there is a call for justice and a call for the community to work and recognise the efforts of the police.”

On Saturday, Eldorado Park residents came out in their numbers to pay their last respects to the 16-year-old teenager.

His mother Bridget Harris said she holds special memories of her son and she’ll always cherish them.

Only family members and close relatives were allowed access into the venue.

“A wonderful boy Nathaniel, for 16 years he has borrowed me him, for 16 years and that’s one thing Scorpion (referring to one of the policemen arrested) can never take away from me. He has engraved wonderful memories in our hearts. Scorpion might have taken him away but we will always have these memories,” she said.

Nathaniel Julies laid to rest: