EFF wraps up campaign in Mamusa, condemns tender systems

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says outsourcing of services through tender systems are the reasons why there is corruption in Mamusa Local Municipality in Schweizer-Reneke.

Malema was addressing supporters during his party’s election campaign prior to Wednesday’s by-elections in Schweizer Reneke in North West.

The ANC-run municipality was dissolved last year due to what the provincial government termed the collapse of service delivery and financial mismanagement.

Addressing his party’s final campaign to lobby support for votes of the 28 000 registered voters, Malema promises to better the living conditions of Mamusa Local Municipality residents.

However, his party’s priority is to fight corruption, which he says is the main reason why the municipality collapsed.

Malema says his party will eradicate the tender system in the municipality. “We know that they are sabotaging water to gain tenders. As the EFF, we’re going to plug our people into reliable tap water which is clean. If there is a need to supply water tinkering, we won’t use one from the tender system. The municipality will use tinkering which will be owned by the municipality.”

‘Act on Gordhan’

Malema repeated his call to President Cyril Ramaphosa to take action against Public Enterprise minister, Pravin Gordhan for misleading government over the situation at Eskom. This, he says, should be done before the State of the Nation Address. He adds that if the President doesn’t act on Gordhan, it will be a clear indication that Ramaphosa is failing to protect the assets of South Africa.

“I want to tell Cyril Ramaphosa today that if he can’t fire Pravin before the state of the nation address, the state of the nation address shall be about Pravin. We will stand up there, we will stop him from speaking, we will tell him you must fire Pravin because we must protect South Africa’s assets. If Ramaphosa is not prepared to protect our assets by firing Pravin then Ramaphosa must go.”

EFF members have pledged their support for the party. They say is the party was elected to lead their situation can turn around for the better.

“I see a full potential towards EFF and I have trust in them that whatever they are promising they will deliver,” says one supporter.

Another adds, “Even toilets do not have pipes for us to flash. We use buckets. But I trust that with Ntate Malema will help us.”

Eight political parties and an independent candidate will contest the Mamusa by-election on Wednesday.