The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) wants Zehir Omar struck off the attorney’s roll.

This after Omar allegedly incited Muslims to congregate, despite lockdown regulations.

In the video below, amendments to national lockdown regulations: 

EFF Treasurer General Omphile Maotwe pressed charges against Omar at the Pretoria Central Police Station.

“We are here as the EFF at the pretoria central police station to open a case against a fool and a criminal called attorney Zehir Omar who was interviewed on Friday at the Pretoria high court and he went on

to encourage people to go to the mosque especially the Muslims and pray during the Ramadaan period.”

“We’ve seen people who went to the mosque and were arrested by the police even here in Pretoria they were found in a mosque and they were arrested s clearly his message went viral and it went to the members of his congregation.”

Following the opening of charges against him, the implicated attorney made an about turn.

Zehir Omar says: “Last week we had a case in the high court we acted for two applicants. We argued that the regulations prohibiting the performance of salah is unconstitutional the judge undertook to give judgement in this coming week. In the interim brothers and sisters, respect the regulations, do not perform salah in jamah in the masjids , perform salah at home thank you.”

Omar says he never intended to mislead the public. He says he is more than prepared to go to court after the EFF laid a charge against him.

“I want to say it equivocally to all that I never told the public to disobey the law. The EFF and the lawyers know that the arrest should not be used as a method of punishing someone. I am willing to submit myself to the police and the court. I am willing to answer to a court. I do not have to be arrested or punished for a conduct which I’m deemed to innocent until I’m proven guilty.”