EFF to march on to Clifton Beach

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The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) will be holding a peaceful protest at Clifton Beach in the Cape Peninsula on Sunday afternoon, following the alleged removal of beachgoers by security company Professional Protection Alternatives (PPA) last Sunday.

On Saturday, the African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape along with a group of beachgoers and activists held a picnic protest at the beach to express their disapproval of the treatment by PPA.

EFF Cape Metro Secretary, Banzi Dambuza says, “When something happens to our people we stand in solidarity with them and make sure that he voice if the last hope is heard and we make sure that our people are protected by the EFF. We will not be entertaining these companies and when we are standing up for our people it is not because we want to jump on the band wagon.  It is a case that we want to protect those that are exploited by these companies that they think they are sheriffs in the City of Cape Town. But we’ll be there; we’ll have a peaceful process.”

Meanwhile, Lobby group Black People’s National Crisis Committee  says it plans to set up shacks at the Clifton Beach on Sunday in protest against the alleged removal of people at the beach.

The group has called for various protests after a group of people were allegedly removed by the security company PPA.

Spokesperson for Black People’s National Crisis Committee, Chumani Maxwele says, “What is this saying is affirmation of our people being tired of racists who always against black people in this country particularly here in the Western Cape.  This expression of the ruling party is actually affirmation to us as young people and activists to be supported by the ruling party and its leaders to fight against the racism here and the ruling party is saying to us we must bring shacks tomorrow and tomorrow we’ll bring shacks here.  We’ll build those shacks here because it’s important to for us to claim our space to claim our land.”