EFF to help queen of Bapedi, Manyaku Thulare with legal representation

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the party will help the Queen of Bapedi, Manyaku Thulare, with legal representatives to restore her as acting queen. The Polokwane High Court ruled last month, that the appointment of Queen Mother Manyaku Thulare was unlawful.

Some members of the royal family had to apply to the court, opposing her appointment after the passing of her son, King Victor Thulare  III last year. The family members have appointed Prince Morwamohube Thulare the half brother of the late king who passed on in January last year, as the acting King of the Bapedi nation.

Queen Manyaku Thulare will be challenging her removal from her acting role as the regent of the Bapedi Kindom, in the court of law. Malema says the party has vowed to support her by providing lawyers, to ensure that she returns to being a regent.

Malema says that Queen Thulare is being undermined as she is a woman.

“The Queen of Bapedi, the mother of the King must be allowed to act. We must show them that you cannot harass a woman and expect us as a society to keep quiet. We must never keep quiet when a woman is being harassed because they think she’s powerless. So we need to give her a support,” says Malema.

Meanwhile, Queen Thulare has urged political parties to work closely with traditional leaders to develop communities.

“To the EFF president, you must continue to invite traditional leaders, because this is what was supposed to be done, a long time ago. They are your leaders and you are their children. I am excited to see young people gathering here, because you are our soldiers and you are the future of this country.”

King Victor Thulare is survived by two wives, four sons and a daughter. His children are not eligible to ascend the throne as their mothers are not candle wives.

Malema says Queen Manyaku wants to remain the regent, until the candle wife is married, to allow smooth transition of the throne.

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