The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has threatened to heighten what it calls “militant protests” against former deputy president F.W de Klerk if the African National Congress (ANC) and government continue to include him in public events.

In a statement, the De Klerk Foundation claims that the United Nations’ (UN) classification of apartheid as a crime against humanity formed part of an agenda by the Soviet Union and the ANC along with its allies to stigmatise white South Africans.

The statement also sought to justify and reason why apartheid was not a crime against humanity.

This follows similar remarks made by De Klerk during a television interview.

During the State of the Nation Address last week the EFF raised numerous points of order against De Klerk’s presence.

EFF spokesperson Delisile Ngwenya says they will also write to the Nobel Peace Committee to withdraw the Peace Prize awarded to De Klerk.

“Parliament and government must immediately stop all invitations to De Klerk and if they fail to do so the EFF will increase its militant protests against De Klerk including through physically removing him from official events.”

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