EFF takes Andries Tatane clean-up campaign to Soweto

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it will ensure councillors get directly involved in service delivery programmes of their communities.

The leader of the EFF, Julius Malema indicated his party will seek a resolution that enacts it to be passed in councils.

Malema was speaking at the EFF’s nationwide Andries Tatane Clean-up campaign, taking place in Soweto.

This year’s launch is in honour of activist Andries Tatane, who was beaten to death by police officers during a service delivery protest in Ficksberg, Free State in April 2011.

The 85-year-old, Peter Ramodike says the large dumping site, a stone’s throw from his house, makes living in Diepkloof Zone 2, unbearable. The dumping site is a health hazard, attracting flies and rats. The huge pile of rubbish is also a place where criminals lurk waiting to pounce on their victims.

“The waste piling up here, is also a security risk. Not long ago, a man was killed here, this is where criminals hide because of the waste that has been piling up here.”

The pensioner hopes that initiatives like the Andries Tatane clean-up campaign will address the plight of the community.

Scores of EFF members rolled up their sleeves, armed with grass cutters, large black bags and shovels. They received some help with equipment from the Joburg Municipality’s, PIKITUP waste management company.

EFF leader, Julius Malema says people must be educated about the benefits of a clean environment.

“If people just come and clean without doing consciousness around the area it is a futile exercise but it is work the EFF must never get tired of doing and we want to make this fashionable and we are now taking it into councils to be a resolution of councils where councillors physically at least once a week engage in a service delivery programme that gives them direct interaction with the masses of our people.”

Malema also reacts to some residents, saying they have more pressing problems than rubbish on their streets.

“We are saying as much as we have this big problem of unemployment, as much as we have this problem of high living standards let us do something as the EFF not to worsen the living conditions of our people. We agree with them and we sympathise with them and we are constantly engaged in fighting unemployment the unfortunate thing is that they have given people who know about creating jobs the responsibility to govern so we are going to elections next year they must ensure that they bring a government that makes things happen.”

ICC’s warrant of arrest against Putin

Malema is doubtful if Deputy President Paul Mashatile has the gravitas to pull off the Inter-Ministerial Committee, considering South Africa’s options regarding the ICC’s warrant of arrest against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It’s good, we want to see if he’s got balls. This is a serious test for him. They are setting him up, he must come out of that victorious and on the side of the people. He has got to take a stand and the ANC’s stand on this man historically has always been clear, we have always as a country been on the side of Russia and I don’t understand why Paul should have difficulty. Putin must be invited and he is welcome.”

Malema has implored citizens to join in the campaign to ensure their communities are clean.


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