EFF slams Nzimande’s failure to ensure university graduates are employable

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Parliament has lambasted Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande for what they say is his failure to ensure more university graduates are capable of being employable in the job market.

This happened during the tabling of the department’s budget vote in Parliament by Nzimande.

EFF MP Naledi Chirwa says, “You do not even bother to account why for over 20 years, it’s still impossible for you to ensure that the post-schooling system is responsive to our economic and social needs as per the aspirations of the so-called NDP (National Development Plan (NDP).”

“No matter how many times you try to mislead the nation the 200 graduates from last year who sitting at home right now are the living proof of your political infancy. Your age can no longer guarantee the respect you do not deserve because you have led this department for a long time, but you have only led the young people of this country to total darkness, hopelessness, depression and wandering around in street corners of our township.”

Student protest

A group of students affiliated with the Institutional Students Representative Council (ISRC) has marched to the National School Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) offices in Foreshore in the Cape Town CBD over the decision to exclude students who cannot meet the 60 credits required in their studies.

NSFAS has also taken a decision to make direct payment of student accommodation to independent service providers.

Students who fall below the 60 credits threshold will have to forego their access to accommodation, books and full meals.

ISRC President, Tshepang Bambo says NSFAS must delay the implementation of the new policy.

“We’re here to register our rejection for the direct payment of accommodation that NSFAS intends of implementation, which should now take away power from the institutions to private Fintech companies such as Ten Ten, Noraco and even Izaga.”

VIDEO: Tertiary students march to NSFAS head office over funding grievances:

Additional reporting by Mlamli Maneli