The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejects, with deep sadness, what is effectively the ending of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The party says the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa must be read as a resignation speech from fighting COVID-19 and saving lives, especially black lives.

The sale of alcohol will be allowed when South Africa moves to level 3 lockdown in June.
Alcohol may be sold for home consumption only under strict conditions, on specified days and for limited hours.

The sale of tobacco products will remain prohibited.

President Ramaphosa made the announcement on Sunday night.

Below is the President’s address:

EFF says the opening of the economy and sale of alcohol stood as significant announcements on Sunday night speech by the President.

” These alone, have essentially ended the lockdown which sought to ensure social distancing, flatten the curve, prepare the healthcare system and save lives.”

Government’s decision to uplift the lockdown regulations happens on no sound scientific

and epidemiological basis, said the party.

This is despite their repeated commitment that science will be the only basis to guide decisions for reopening the economy.

EFF stated that the decision must therefore be categorically rejected as reckless and senseless only benefiting the white capitalist establishment at the expense of black people’s lives.

The party says alcohol sale is the effective undermining of all the effort to use hospital space and resources to focus on growing COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) expressed disappointment that church gatherings are not considered an essential service under level 3 of the coronavirus lockdown.

Also the United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa has called on employers to ensure that their plans for keeping workers safe are in line with government’s plans:

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it still opposed the banning of the sale of tobacco under level three of the lockdown.

Interim leader, John Steenhuisen also says the testing of the coronavirus needs to improve.

The African National Congress (ANC) has urged South Africans to support government’s plans to curb the spread of the coronavirus and adhere to alert level 3 lockdown regulations.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says: “President Cyril Ramaphosa has defended the implementation of the coronavirus lockdown – saying it has clearly slowed the the spread of the virus in South Africa. The President was speaking to the nation from Pretoria where he announced the country would enter level three of the lockdown from the first of June.”