EFF rejects coalition government with ANC, DA in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

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Plans to form a coalition government in the hung Nelson Mandela Bay Metro have hit a snag. This after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) announced it won’t be voting with the African National Congress (ANC) or the Democratic Alliance (DA).

The metro will be holding its inaugural council meeting on Wednesday.

Both the ANC and the DA are in pole position to form coalition government with 48 seats each.

A political party needs 61 seats to have majority in council, and the EFF was seen as the kingmakers with its eight seats.

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Malema says they won’t compromise on their stance.

“The EFF is not voting with anyone in Port Elizabeth. It doesn’t matter whose got how many what there or what. We are not part of those things. We are not going to vote for any racist government with our eyes open.”

Meanwhile, ActionSA said on Monday it has resolved to close the door on the EFF’s coalition proposal.

The three Gauteng metros – Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni – are among the 70 hung councils where coalitions talks between political parties are continuing.

Party leader Herman Mashaba said they have been given a clear mandate by their supporters to, not under any circumstances, work with the ANC and close the door on the EFF because of its involvement with the ANC.

“On the basis of them asking us to bring the ANC behind the backdoor. The ANC has been rejected by the people of South Africa and ActionSA has always maintained that we will not work with the ANC. So, this bill, unfortunately, doesn’t make sense to them. It’s against what we stand for. We’re about service delivery to our people who rejected the ANC,” said Mashaba.

ActionSA rejects EFF proposal on coalitions: