The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members outside the Brackenfell High School in Cape Town have accused police of inciting violence as they gathered outside the premises.

Chaos has erupted at the school with police firing water cannon and stun grenades. It is not clear at this stage what triggered the violence but tensions rose when police said more than 100 people were outside the school. Meaning the EFF would be in violation of its permit as the City of Cape Town has granted the party a permission for 100 demonstrators only.

The EFF on Friday morning began a peaceful march to the school over allegations that Black students were excluded from what was seemingly a private matric farewell party with White students only.

Earlier this month, EFF supporters were confronted by parents outside the school, resulting in one arrest.

Various other organisations are also expected to join Friday’s protest.

These EFF members claim they had begun gathering when police began firing.