EFF protest against Clicks to continue until Friday despite court interdict

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says its protest against Clicks will continue until Friday despite the High Court in Johannesburg interdicting party’s supporters from intimidating staff and customers.

High Court grants Clicks interdict against EFF protests: 

Several stores were damaged on Monday when the campaign against an advertisement that denigrated back people’s hair was published online by Clicks.

The company withdrew the ad and apologised. It also suspended two junior staff.

Speaking outside the Clicks store in Sandton, EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu said earlier on Tuesday that members and supporters will still be allowed to protest despite the court ruling.

“We are protesting here. We are going to even protest inside the stores. We are not going to interrupt anyone, we are not going to disturb anyone or assault anyone or do anything unlawful. The protest is lawful so if they want us to protest inside, let them open, we are going to protest inside…We have got the constitutional right to protest anywhere we want to protest in SA. Our message is going to be very clear; let them open and then they are going to see that the protest is going to proceed in a manner that is peaceful. There has never been any violent act from the EFF.” Shivambu said.

EFF Spokesperson Vuyani Pambo says they will protest peacefully until Friday.

“It should be clear to Clicks that the court didn’t declare the protest illegal and accordingly, the lawful and peaceful protest continues until Friday accordingly. All members and ground forces of the EFF must intensify their efforts to make sure Clicks doesn’t operate and this must be done through peaceful means. Racists can no longer hide from responsibility in this country and we’ll confront their arrogance decisively without fail.”

EFF leader Julius Malema speaks outside Clicks at the Mall of the North amid protests: 

EFF acknowledges the High Court ruling: 

EFF Western Cape appeals for tolerance 

The party in Western Cape has appealed for tolerance and understanding from shoppers. This after a war of words erupted between EFF supporters and shoppers at a Clicks store in Parow. The EFF’s Bernard Joseph says they have not broken any law.

“We will continue because why; we have not broken any law and we will continue to mobilse people to come to these stores and close them down for the rest of the week. It’s a pity that the public is ganging up, but I understand that the public doesn’t understand what is actually behind the process. This lady who was so vicious; now I have explained to her.”