EFF officials hold meeting to assess impact of their protest

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) officials are at this hour holding a meeting to assess the impact of the party’s pickets at Clicks stores nationwide which began on Monday.

Party Deputy President Floyd Shivambu says it’s in the culture of the EFF to often check how they are doing when it comes to issues affecting the ordinary South Africans.

The source of the pickets was a racist advert by Clicks SA depicting black hair as bad, while white hair is good.

Shivambu says, “We are discussing a variety of issues that relates to the organization. But also to assess how far we have come to the massive protest that has been rolled out, in all parts of South Africa. We had a very huge impact yesterday, almost all stores of Clicks were not working because of the militant action of a mass-based organization called the EFF. So we always do constant analysis of the impact that we are having.”

In the video below, EFF’s Floyd Shivambu explains why they will continue protesting:

The meeting comes right after a Johannesburg High Court interdict favouring Clicks in making sure that staff members are not intimidated and the EFF does not incite violence and vandalism.

The High Court in Johannesburg made the ruling following Monday’s acts of vandalism at Clicks stores.

Earlier, Shivambu said members and supporters will still be allowed to protest.

“We are protesting here. We are going to even protest inside the stores. We are not going to interrupt anyone, we are not going to disturb anyone, or assault anyone or do anything unlawful. The protest is lawful so if they want us to protest inside, let them open, we are going to protest inside.”

“We have got the constitutional right to protest anywhere we want to protest in SA. Our message is going to be very clear, let them open and then they are going to see that the protest is going to proceed in a manner that is peaceful. There has never been any violent act from the EFF,” adds Shivambu.

Meanwhile, the EFF’s Godrich Gardee has rejected suggestions that their party members were responsible for damaging a Clicks store in Eastern Cape.

Gardee was outside the Clicks Sandton store.

In the video below, Gardee speaks to SABC News about vandalism reports: