EFF MPs hearing resumes this morning

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The hearings on three Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs who were removed during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s oral reply session on 30 August last year, will resume this morning.

Veronica MenteKhanya Ceza and Nazier Paulsen testified before Parliament’s Powers and Privileges Committee on Tuesday.

The charges they are facing include contempt of Parliament and gross disorderly conduct.

One of the charges that Paulsen is facing relates to hindering and obstructing a member of the Parliamentary Protection Services.

This after he physically intervening to remove Ceza.

Paulsen who was still on the witness stand on Tuesday evening, denied that he prohibited the Parliamentary Protection Services from removing Ceza from the Chamber.

This is  the main charge against him.

“Well, I intervened in a sense that intervening and obstructing are not quite the same thing. I intervened and said look, there’s something under way here, allow it to run its course, you can come and do your work because the Commander in Chief was appealing to the Speaker to afford Khanya Ceza the same treatment like he afforded the other MPs by warning them before asking them to leave. So there has to be consistency,” explains Paulsen.

The hearing is expected to start at 10am this morning.

The video below is reporting more on the story