EFF members vote in Orania

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) stayed true to its non-conformity identity during the 2019 general elections on Wednesday.

Party members from Hopewell, Northern Cape, went to cast their ballots in the Afrikaner town of Orania.

The town is an independent community that has its own currency known as the Ora.

EFF leader in the Thembelihle Municipality, Danny Jonas, says they wanted to remind the residents of Orania that they are part of South Africa.

“It’s basically that we exercise our Constitutional rights. It’s a national and provincial election so we can vote where ever we wish to vote. We are registered. Orania is part and parcel of Thembelihle Municipality that all of us come here to vote just to show that there’s no challenges between you coming here and vote. Orania must understand that they are also part and parcel of South Africa.”