EFF KZN calls for radical approach in pursuit to influence policy change in SA

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The EFF in KwaZulu-Natal says it intends lobbying other provinces in a call for a more radical approach in their pursuit to influence change in the country’s policy. These include the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank and a total halt in the proposed acquiring of equity partners by some state owned enterprises.

The party will be holding its national conference between 13-16 December in Nasrec, Johannesburg. The EFF in KZN will be sending the second biggest delegation to the party’s national conference.

In 2018, the ANC and the EFF spoke in one voice when they voted in favour for the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution, to allow for land expropriation without compensation. Now, the EFF in KZN believes it is possible to achieve the nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank.

The party’s provincial chairperson, Vusi Khoza, says the Reserve Bank must be 100% owned by government.

“As for the Reserve Bank, the Reserve Bank must be 100% owned by the government because that is a trend internationally. More than 90% of the countries internationally, the government control the reserve bank. With regard to the Ingonyama Trust, we want to remind people that the land that is under Ingonyama Trust is actually the government land. It is land that used to be under the KwaZulu government. We are concerned that Ingonyama Trust collect rent from business and mines and makes in the region of R100 million a year, but we do not know what happens to that money. So, we are saying there must be a different administrative arrangement.”

The EFF in the province is lobbying for amendment to the party’s constitution. Khoza says these include a proposal to increase the number of members in the party’s Central Command Team.

“We have few proposals that we would want to make as KZN. Firstly, perhaps the Central Command Team need to increase its number from 35 – maybe 60 – so that it can be felt in all regions. Secondly, we are proposing that there has been a branch per VD (voting district) instead of one ward one branch. Lastly, we are going to propose that we maintain the student command it’s a structure that we believe it is necessary.”

Co-operation between the EFF and other parties, in municipalities where there was no outright majority, is among issues to be discussed. The EFF has been king makers in municipalities such as City of Johannesburg and Tshwane.

Khoza believes the conference should assess the effect of these agreements.

“When we agreed to the co-operation agreement, we said we don’t expect anything and we don’t expect positions. The reason was that we were not ready to govern. What we are going to propose as KZN is that we are now ready to participate in government. We are ready to run municipalities. We are going to demand that, when we enter into coalition, we must also be in a position to be allocated positions.”

The EFF in KZN remains tight-lipped about its preferred leadership candidates, but only says they are subject to a decision by the party not to discuss leadership preferences before the conference.