EFF hails ICJ ruling a step in the right direction

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The Economic Freedom Fighters has welcomed the ruling made by the International Court of Justice in South Africa’s case against Israel that it is committing genocide in Gaza. The UN’s top court issued a judgment ordering Israel to prevent all acts of genocide in the territory and to allow for humanitarian aid to enter.

Head of International Relations for the EFF, Godrich Gardee, says the ruling is a step in the right direction.

“We approached the court as a country, South Africa, asking for nine requests for provisional measures and eight of them have been actually confirmed by the court except for an order compelling Israel to cease military operation in Gaza. However, the other 8 provisional measures actually confirmed by the court are very close to bringing the issue of the conflict to an end in Gaza and the realization of a two-state nation.”

In the video below Godrich Gardee spoke to SABC News: 

Political parties have welcomed the judgment

The ruling party’s Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula described the court’s ruling as a watershed moment.

He says South Africa supports the people of Palestine as they both share the same painful history of apartheid.

“The world will remember us that when we were facing apartheid the world never forsake us. The world was with us, we are free today because the people of the world were with us in the fight against apartheid.”

The Democratic Alliance’s spokesperson on International Relations, Emma Powell Powell has called on Israel to abide.

“We call on the Israeli Prime Minister to immediately recommit to a negotiated two-state solution. All civilian hostages kidnapped on or after the 7th of October must be urgently returned. Hamas must disarm and of course, a date must be set for fresh elections to be held in Palestine under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.”

In the video below Emma Powell speaks to SABC News: