The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has described US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s comments on South Africa’s land expropriation debate as senseless. Pompeo said expropriation of private property without compensation would be disastrous for SA’s economy and its people.

He was speaking at a UN Economic Commission for Africa event in Ethiopia. The EFF says Pompeo’s position is in line with the imperialist logic that seeks to maintain the US grip as a superpower.

The party’s Delisiwe Ngwenya says they aren’t shocked that the US would be against what they call justice and restoration of the dignity of the country’s black people.

“Pompeo’s utterances are consistent with the imperialistic logic that seeks to parent the world so as to maintain its firm grip as a superpower that holds policy direction for all nations subservient to it. The expropriation of land in South Africa seeks to undo a fundamental sin against African people. It is legislation that will address the racist, special planning of the country as well as to collapse the monopoly the white minority has over the agricultural and mineral economy. To expropriate land without compensation is to reverse the gains and prosperity of crime, something that the United States is too guilty to comprehend,” says Ngwenya.

Watch Pompeo explain his views: