EFF commends swift arrest of Soshanguve murder suspects

Ditebogo Junior Phalane
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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng says they applaud the swift arrest of two suspects linked to the murder of Ditebogo Phalane.

The five-year-old boy was shot and killed when his father was being hijacked outside their home last week Friday.

EFF Gauteng spokesperson Dumisani Baleni says cruel and senseless acts of violence should not go unpunished.

“We hope this arrest will provide some clarity and aid in the quest for justice by the family and the entire community. The EFF urges the criminal justice system, particularly the prosecution, to handle this case with the utmost professionalism. It is crucial to proceed without compromising the integrity of the case and to avoid unnecessary delays, as justice delayed is justice denied.”

Police are pursuing more suspects in connection with the death of Phalane.

A multi-disciplinary team worked with various intelligence systems to track the suspects to three different locations. The vehicle believed to have been used to commit the crime, Unlicensed firearms, magazines and a signal jammer were among the items retrieved at the locations.

Gauteng Provincial Commissioner General Tommy Mthombeni explains, “The appearance in court we are bound in terms of the law to make sure that the suspects appear before the court within 48 hours. If it’s overlapping over the weekend, we will make sure that we do those duly processes. The team is taking care of that one and we believe that today is Thursday so we will have just to look into the issue of the 48 hours because the detention has taken effect.”

Ditebogo Junior Phalane | Two suspects arrested in Soshanguve murder, police pursuing others: