EFF calls for immediate recusal Zondo Commission Secretary

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called for the immediate recusal of the State Capture Commission Secretary, Dr Khotso De Wee.

EFF says it has been proven right as the party questioned the commission’s secretary decision on the venue where the inquiry is held.

EFF leader Julius Malema says they have been proven right by the latest developments that state capture secretary is implicated in the evidence at the State Capture Commission.

The Commission has announced that it is investigating allegations leveled against its secretary.

Malema says they have always suspected wrongdoing from the secretary. He has appealed that the State Capture Commission should continue its work, but warned that those implicated in the wrongdoing should leave the commission.

The party says it will pursue further action if De Wee remains, after allegations of wrongdoing in connection with bribes allegedly paid by Bosasa.

The EFF has called for the Commission to be focused, but warned that the party will pursue further actions if those implicated do not leave the commission.

“We have always suspected that there could be some corrupt activities which may have transpired before the procurement of the Tiso Blackstar venue, which is being used by the Commission now. The implication of the secretary of the Commission confirmed exactly our suspicion…”

The Commission released in a statement Friday afternoon, that it is taking the allegations in serious light.

Angelo Agrizzi, who is continuing to give his testimony at the commission in Parktown in Johannesburg, implicated Commission Secretary Khotso De Wee in his affidavit as one of the Senior Officials of the Department of Justice who were paid bribes by Bosasa. This was in regards to a tender in 2013 for the establishment of a security system.

De Wee will no longer report for work, and has since taken special leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Malema says the EFF will closely monitor the proceedings at the State Capture Commission. He has appealed to the Commission to continue doing its work, but warned that people who are implicated in wrongdoings should leave the Commission as they cannot be trusted and will compromise the integrity of the Commission.

“It’s not only the secretary. We also complained earlier about [Terence] Nombembe. He was involved in some dealings with the Guptas.”

EFF is expected to debate its manifesto before its adoption this weekend.

Malema says the party will elect capable people to implement the EFF’s plan in the next coming five years.

“After adopting the manifesto, we then ask a question of who is capable enough; who is fit to implement this program of action that we have just adopted in a form of manifesto? We have seen other parties adopting the list before adopting the program, which is a contradictory arrangement. We ought to know what are we going to do in the next five years and who is capable.”

The EFF’s manifesto and national list are expected to continue until Sunday in Bloemfontein, ahead of the manifesto launch in Soshanguve on February the 2nd.