Scores of Economic Freedom Fighters members painted the Durban People’s Park red with their party regalia. In KwaZulu-Natal, the party emerged as the 4th biggest in terms of votes.

EFF members say they believe that the growth of the party in the province will open opportunities for young people.

The party’s support grew from 3.3 percent it obtained in 2016 to 8.64 percent it obtained in last year’s municipal elections. Party leader Julius Malema dubbed the year 2022 as the year of the branches.

Addressing EFF members Malema said they want to ensure that all branches are existing and are in good standing.

“We are not going to recruit door to door. We are going to recruit publicly. When we start the recruitment campaign, we recruit this week, next week our members must get the cards. End of December I want the EFF DP to have 1 million members in good standing and all of them having their cards in their hands and all of them having joined the EFF on their own.”

Malema has encouraged members to act in the best interest of the people and the organisation.

“Unity of the EFF in KwaZulu-Natal and everywhere in South Africa is important. Do not over exaggerate your individual self-importance always put the EFF first. When you’re about to act ask yourself a simple question is this in the best interest of the organisation, if the answer is no walk away from that idea. It is not revolutionary it will not help the poor.”

EFF sets sights on increasing its support base in KwaZulu-Natal:

However, the EFF leader warned party councillors to hit the ground running and not to relax. Malema says councillors must remember they are there to serve the people.

“Don’t go into the council there and become sweethearts to the Mayor and the Municipal Manager. I want EFF councillors who are going to disrupt the council and when they say why, you’ll say the Inanda people want sanitation, water and electricity including houses for free.”

Meanwhile, Malema defended the party’s decision to vote with the Democratic Alliance in metros where there was no outright winner after last year’s local government elections.

Malema says the party’s decision to vote with the DA during the inauguration of councils was aimed at removing the ANC from power and not because the EFF was in a relationship with the DA.