Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has come under social media “fire” for a controversial tweet in defence of party members caught on tape pushing away an ENCA journalist.

The incident happened on Tuesday in Cape Town where journalist, Nobesuthu Hejana is seen covering a story where a group of EFF supporters were protesting the publishing of a racist advert by retailer Clicks. In the clip, eNCA says Hejana was man-handled by EFF members.

Ndlozi tweeted on Wednesday morning saying the push was not harrasment as it was not forceful.

Many have strongly condemned Ndlozi’s words and deem his views as a problem in the fight against GBV.

Another user also had strong words for Ndlozi.

This comes during what some have called an epidemic in the country, as South Africa is dealing with frequent cases of gender-based violence against women and just a few days after women’s month.

Earlier in the week, President Cyril Ramaphosa introduced three Bills to help implement laws that will deal with gender-based violence in the country whilst a woman was allegedly killed by her partner at a police station in the Eastern Cape.

But some have come to Ndlozi’s defence.

Another user seems to be in Ndlozi and the EFF’s defence.


Ndlozi later tweeted something contrary to his initial message, but the subsequent tweet seems to have been deleted.

Here is a screenshot of the deleted tweet:

Ndlozi has defended his tweet, going as far as showing a clip from former president Nelson Mandela’s release from Victor Verster in 1990, where visuals of current president Cyril Ramaphosa seemingly touching a journalist as another unidentified man pulls the journalist away from Mandela’s path.