Economic policies still in hands of white South Africans

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Our main focus of analysis will be economic policies and social transformation, the failure of the ruling party to recognize that any economic policy without total removal of sub systems left by legacy of apartheid is a waste of time. 87% of our economy and property are still within the hands of white South Africans, while BEE has created nonproductive predatory elite aligned to the ruling party.

It well clear that free market economy has failed to include majority of the people into the formal economy. The private sector conniving with institutions like IMF, World Bank they have succeeded in excluding the majority of our people into the formal economy, at the same time creating unequal society and few becoming filthy rich. Such policies will not yield good results as the free market economy reduces our people into consumers. We must restructure and aligned our economy for wider participation of our people or for our people. We must revisit our black economic empowerment policies to create policies that will create entrepreneurs and propel them to greater heights, therefore the basis of NDP succeeding and having economic system which majority of south African participate will require a bold and courageous leadership which will face the private sector which behaves like an autonomous body in our country. Failure to deal first with the legacy of apartheid and existing sub systems the NDP will fail. And sovereignty of our country will forever be uncertain and therefore this country must prepare disruptions or worse civil war. Our racial economy is impediment to social transformation, it reduces our liberation struggle into a victory of the few particularly the elite and masses are sacrificed in the alter of greed, an example of how white monopoly has coopted few of our prominent leaders is Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and how business can corrupt even the trial and tested leaders is the example of the relationship of our President and the Gupta family.

We are now steeply moving towards new imperialist china without understanding what our national interest is so that we can become competitive in the international affairs, and distinguish ourselves according to our values amongst nations.

– By OPINION: Andries Tlouamma, Agang