Eastern Cape town of Engcobo relies on Imbizo to reduce high incidence of murders

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An Imbizo to try and curb the high number of murders in Engcobo, Eastern Cape, is being held in the town. More than 50 murders have been reported since 2014 without any successful arrests.

At the beginning of this year, 12 murder cases were reported in the town. The latest victim was buried last weekend.

One of the residents, Mgcineni Kolo says he lost his wife last year. “My wife was gunshot by somebody whom I don’t know. When I heard that my children were screaming and I went out and I took my children. My wife was just lying there in front of the house. I called the police and forensics, they came immediately. I am not satisfied with the investigation because when I went to the police station to ask how far are they with the investigation the guy said to me if I know who did the incident I can come with the information.”

Premier Oscar Mabuyane, who attended the Imbizo, has called for improved relations between the residents and law enforcement agencies.

“Part of this shows it’s an organised crime these killings are emanating from those social ills. The situation clearly shows moral decay in our society. We believe if it’s an organised crime, we should not be where we are today, crime intelligence should do better than what it is doing. Our people are terrified they are vulnerable we can do much better. Yes, we need resources for policing this area.”