Eastern Cape looks at alternative water solutions amidst drought

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The drought stricken Eastern Cape will be exploring innovative water solutions after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Water Research Commission.

It is to apply a mix of solutions including desalination, ground water and sand water harvesting.

The memorandum also seeks to educate the public about how to conserve water.

CEO of the Water Research Commission, Dhesigen Naidoo, says these solutions will boost the economy of the province.

“Water has become of the most limiting factors to that economic growth and what we want to do is to organise for water to actually be a catalyst for that growth, a catalyst for creating jobs, a catalyst for creating new enterprises. A catalyst for in particular sunrise enterprises that will not only for the prosperity of the Eastern Cape, but we will take that same model when we get at working and use it elsewhere in the country and elsewhere in the continent.”

Department of Water and Sanitation, Provincial Head Portia Makhanya says, “This partnership especially coming from the Water Research Commission will assist us in making informed decisions that are very cost effective and sustainable toward resolving the current challenges. So here we are looking at innovations, new ways of doing things and different technologies learning from other countries that have travelled this road.”