Eastern Cape community shocked at necklacing, beheading of two suspects

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The community of Mpindweni outside Libode, in the Eastern Cape, is shocked after two young men were murdered, in what seems to be an act of vigilantism.

It is alleged that villagers of Ndungwana placed tyres around the victims and set it alight. The two victims were accused of shooting and killing a resident of Ndungwana while they were trying to rob a spaza shop.

A family spokesperson for one of the victims Lumkile Ndamase says the incident is shocking.

Ndamase says, “What is shocking the most is the fact that these people were necklaced, beheaded and torched. It’s shocking and unbelievable. We never heard of such cruelty in this village, we are traumatized and shocked.

Local traditional leader chief Mkhuseli Ndamase says the community is saddened about the brutal killing of the two young men.

Ndamase has urged both communities to remain calm and allow the law to take its course.

“We are very saddened as the community and the family about this incident. It is very much unusual. We used to hear about such things from other areas not knowing that one day it will come to us. It’s bad and inhumane. How can human beings be torched and beheaded? We are very shocked indeed.

The situation in the village remains tense and the police have been deployed in the area.