Eastern Cape clinic complies with NHI requirements

A patient in hospital
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Cabinet has approved the National Health Insurance Bill (NHI) which will be presented for Parliamentary processes.

The NHI aims to provide world class health care at hospitals and clinics around the country.

The primary health care in rural areas is the main goal for the NHI project and provinces like the Eastern Cape are in dire need of such services. One such clinic is based in Lusikisiki, and it already complies with the prescription of the NHI.

The clinic consists of a prefabricated construction and people had to wait in long lines for care. It has no waiting areas and when it rains patients have to look for cover under trees. Ventilation was also very poor inside the structure but that has all changed.

The new NHI clinic is now world class. It encompasses emergency services, dental care, optometry, a section for chronic patients, a 24 hour maternity ward, a chemist and a rehabilitation centre.

Basic compliance is adhered to with a waiting room and restrooms for the staff. It will also be staffed with medical professionals.

The people making use of the facility are very impressed by the changes. “We are getting a great service and we receive medicine on time. We have no complaints yet,” says one patient.

“I love the fact that nurses are attentive and are fast when helping you,” adds another one.

The Health Department has also put a committee together to ensure the new facilities are maintained to consistently provide the same level of care.