Early vote results: Freedom Front Plus pats itself on back

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Freedom Front Plus says more voters are supporting the party because it keeps its promises, unlike other parties.

The party is making a relatively strong showing in the national race for votes in early counting nationwide.

It is sitting on four percent of the votes counted – with counting completed in close to nine percent of the voting districts.

The Freedom Front Plus is performing best at this stage in North West. It was sitting on over 10% of the votes cast, with counting completed in close to 10% of the voting districts.

The party’s Chairperson in Gauteng, Philip van Staden, says all of the party’s voters made their mark.

“Well, I think it’s the fact that some of the other parties couldn’t come to terms with their promises they gave to voters for the past 25 years. The voters came to us in this instance. The stayaway is not from out votes I think its more from other parties who wasn’t in line anymore with their policies but definitely not our voters. We had a very hard campaign and we see to it yesterday. But all our voters went out to go and vote in the election of yesterday.”