E-hailing operators companies to suspend services on Monday

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The e-hailing operators say they can no longer continue to be exploited by companies like Uber and Bolt as they plan on suspending services on Monday.

The drivers and car owners, whose vehicles operate under the app companies, say the industry needs to be regulated as they do not have control over pricing and therefore operate at a loss.

E-hailing spokesperson Vhatuka Mbelengwa says the app companies have neglected their concerns forcing them to take up strike action on Monday.

“The relationship that we have with app hailing companies such as uber and bolt is currently not governed. There are a lot of loopholes which in essence are now leaving us as operators within the space subject to a lot of exploitation. They refer to us as partners but there isn’t a single decision making platform reflective of a partnership. So it can’t be correct to refer to us as partners but you independently decide what price our skills and labour are sold at.”

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