E Cape Liquor Board fights use of illegal alcohol

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The Eastern Cape Liquor Board has embarked on a roadshow in Middleburg to educate residents about the brewing and usage of illegal concoction alcohol.

The area is notorious for excessive consumption of illegally brewed alcohol which poses health risks.

The Liquor Board, in partnership with the South African Police, raided an illegal alcohol establishment in Lusaka Township on Friday that produces the alcohol concoction. They confiscated and threw away more than two thousand litres of alcohol that was meant for consumption.

Eastern Cape Liquor Board spokesperson Mgwebi Msiya says social ills are the contributing factors to this excessive use of alcohol in the area.

“Our intervention is to try and mobilise different stakeholders such as the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Economic Development in the Eastern Cape, the municipality, to say what can be done to actually assist these people, particularly with alternatives. Apparently the only thing they can do is drink alcohol. They’ve got nothing else to do. There are no facilities, there are no employment opportunities. So it’s only alcohol that is regularly available to them that can entertain them.”