E Cape health department finalises employment of 127 doctors

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The Eastern Cape department of health has announced the finalisation of the employment of 127 doctors, who have been allocated to various hospitals across the province.

The department has allocated over R330 million to address critical staff shortages, including nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists. The initiative aims to employ at least 500 individuals.

Health spokesperson, Sizwe Kupelo, highlighted that the department is awaiting the South African Nursing Council (SANC) to complete the registration process for nurses so that their applications can be processed.

Kupelo says, “We continue with the employment of nurses, we are targeting 500 posts for nurses however there are 200 that are still being processed because the South African Nursing Council has not yet loaded them or finalised their registration…”

“We are dealing with this issue together with the national department to ensure that the South African Nursing Council processes their applications,” Kupelo added.

Looking at the future of doctors in South Africa: