E Cape fishermen to receive farming licenses

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Agriculture‚ Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana has announced that more than 5 000 small-scale fishermen from villages in and around Port St John’s will receive fish farming licenses and training.

Zokwana made the announcement at an Imbizo in the coastal town of Port St John’s in the Eastern Cape on Friday.

In January, co-operatives from areas including Lutateni, Mtambala, Sicambeni and Mawusheni will receive licences to fish different kinds of fish, including cray fish, hake and white mussels.

Minister Zokwana is optimistic that the programme will improve the livelihood of local fishermen.

“It’s is important for the economy. It is important to the individual. It is important to the towns around which it happens because these people will begin now to make better money. They’ll be able then to make better harvest. It can also ignite a number of restaurants around the ocean that are focussing more on seafood which I think is something we were supposed to have been used.

“But again it will improve the way we catch fish. It will improve the way we are able to make sure that communities value the ocean because you cannot expect them to be guards of a specie they are not part of. It will change, even give them dignity,” the Minister explained.