An ANC councillor from Mbizana in the Eastern Cape says she is homeless after her house was torched.

Nokhanyo Dayimane of Ward 23 and her family escaped unhurt.

She told SABC News that there was a meeting with local residents a day before the attack to discuss service delivery issues.

“During this ordeal I was unconscious; I shouted where my kids are. My neighbours came and rescued me from the house and my kids. I saw two men standing at the gate and I recognised one of them. I pleaded to my neighbours to assist me with the kids because I could see that they were charging for my kids. I lost everything in that house and I am now at the place of safety.”

The police have condemned the incident and are vowing to arrest the perpetrators.

Provincial spokesperson Khaya Tonjeni says, “We cannot allow people to burn or torch other people’s houses or property despite any disagreements or reasons. Amicable ways have to be explored and exhausted instead of resorting to violence, lawlessness and destruction of property. Police have a responsibility to investigate arrest and bring to justice anyone suspected and responsible for such violent acts within our community.”