Deputy President David Mabuza says dysfunctional municipalities are to blame for failures in delivering services and for crumbling infrastructure.

Mabuza, who is also African National Congress (ANC) deputy president, has visited the Northern Cape to assess the contamination of the Vaal River from sewage and other sources.

Deputy President David Mabuza visits Northern Cape, Free State to assess Vaal River System:

The quality of local government services will be a key factor for voters during the local government elections on November 1st.

Mabuza says the contamination of a key source of water threatens the health of local communities.

The Vaal River flows through Gauteng, Mpumalanga, the Free State and the Northern Cape. Mabuza called for interventions to solve the Vaal pollution problem.

“Yes we have got problems, but the biggest problem we are confronting in our municipalities, a bit dysfunctional and a lot of squabbles within municipalities.

These are the services that they must provide to the people. Remember municipalities are water authorities, now this time the minister of water and sanitation is intervening, but these municipalities are authorities in their own right,  they must deliver water, they must deliver sanitation.”