Black Friday fever has started to catch many Durbanites as they prepare for the mega shopping phenomenon that has spread from the United States to many countries around the world.

According to Black Friday Global Report, an average South African will spend R1600 during the sale, with clothes, electronics and shoes most popular.

However, consumers say with the economy being unstable, Black Friday is an opportunity for them to buy items they could not otherwise afford.

“Basically you are getting a lot of better value. I have seen adverts with those 50% off which is a good cut. People I don’t think they will just go there for the sake of going there they want to get a bargain,” says one of the people who aim to participate in Black Friday.

However, some consumers say Black Friday is just a trap for people to spend money they do not have.

“I don’t think Black Friday is a good idea. It is like a trap, people overspend thinking they will spend less but they end up spending.”

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