Durban Tourism says rural and township tourism has seen an increase from zero to 10% in the last five years.

Areas like Umlazi have in recent years popularised the ekasi shisanyama experience, a combination of music, food and entertainment.  Philip Sithole who is the head of Durban Tourism says the number of people who visit the townships over the years has increased.

“The numbers of visitors that come to Durban in terms of Township tourism have increased in the previous 5 years. We are moving from zero base in terms of township tourism and we’re glad to announce that we have reached more than 10%. The research that was done in 2018 confirm that the visitors to township and to rural areas, the numbers moved from zero to about 10% which is great and we’re looking forward to bringing more of visitors to places where in the past you’d never think of bringing them,” says Sithole.