A group of five teenagers is making waves in the musical scene at Hammarsdale, west of Durban. The group is called “The Joy” and they want to spread exactly that in their community and the world.

Specialising in Acapella, their voices are their only instruments.

The area of Hammarsdale has been known for crime, including murder and drugs. The upcoming musicians decided to form the music group in 2018 to avoid getting into the wrong crowds and setting a good example for their peers.

The schoolmates had performed on a cultural day in their school together and that’s when they discovered their hidden talents.

“What I can tell young guys like us is that it’s not easy to avoid bad things like crime, drugs, and alcohol because you have friends who will tell you that this is a good thing. But if you know what you want in future you’ll do what is good for your family,” says one of the group members Melokuhle Mkhungo.