Durban restaurant receives award for serving 12th Best Burger in the world

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A Durban restaurant, Smokin’ Joe’s, has been awarded an international accolade for serving up the 12th Best Burger in the world. The craft burger, The Gypsy King beat several others in an online survey.

The survey critiqued value for money, consistency, reviews and innovation. Our reporter Jayed Paulse went to investigate what the fuss is all about.

Nestled away in the buzzing suburb of Essenwood. Smokin’ Joe’s has been a well-known burger spot, making decadent burgers for an impressive competitive price.

Their famous Gypsy King Burger has had the taste buds of locals tingling, but it has now placed them on the global map. This after the international food survey “Big Travel 7” ran survey online rating burgers from around the world.

The survey rated the burgers for value for money, consistent reviews, unique innovation and creativity.

The Gypsy King Burger is named after boxer Tyson Fury and comprises of a knockout- double smoked -beef fillet patty, with a delicious topping of peppadews, jalapeño poppers, onions and a secret sauce all tucked between a squishy charred buttered bun.

The owner Yusuf Bassa says the recognition came as a shock.

“Says that it took him by surprise, he received an email and could not believe it, he is waiting for the certificate now and is very excited about being amongst the best in the world especially competing against the us which are the burger kings.”

Bassa, a trained chef, started Smokin’ Joe’s at a rooftop night market, where he started experimenting with exotic flavours. The business took off and he soon moved into the current premises. He says the global accolade has seen international tourists flock to the restaurant.

“Speaks about how the title has also seen many tourists coming from all over the world, they have had people from China and Spain,” says Bassa.

The menu has a range of tasty burgers to choose from. Customers both young and old are smitten.

“My friend said I had to try the best burger in the world so we came down to try it, we from Howick and yeah here we are,” says one of the customers.