Durban reopens beaches amid high E-Coli levels

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Two of the seven Durban beaches closed by the Ethekwini Municipality due to high E-Coli levels have been reopened.

The latest tests conducted by the City have shown that the high E-Coli levels are dropping and more beaches may reopen by the end of the week.

The closure of beaches last week left holidaymakers frustrated as swimming and sporting activities were prohibited.

Durban’s central beaches are left with debris scattered along the shore. This, as a result of heavy rains that fell over parts of the province last week.

Waste and sludge from nearby rivers entered the ocean, with mud along tree branches and bottles that also washed up along the shoreline posing another danger to bathers.

Such conditions have exposed Durban beaches to dangerous levels of E-Coli. The City decided to shut down many of its central beaches for the public’s safety.

But finally, some relief for beachgoers as two beaches have been reopened. City officials say regular tests are being conducted.

EThekwini Water and Sanitation’s Dave Wilson says “There have been dropping the results the E-Coli levels are dropping one quite good point was that there is mount at Umgeni it had dropped below a thousand points so that very good so hopefully the E-Coli levels will start to drop quite quickly now, as far as I am aware the South Beach and Addington are now open.

Wilson says they are continuing to closely monitor all the City’s beaches.

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