Durban readies for sardine run

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Sardines have been spotted making their way to Durban’s Beaches. Sharks Board Head of operations, Mark Anderson Reed says there have been some activity on the south coast beaches.

KwaZulu-Natal is famed for its sardine run when massive shoals move from the Eastern Cape coastline to the Natal coast.

Anderson Reed says at the rate it’s going, there could be a decent sardine run in the next week.

“Off the KZN coast there were a bit more pockets of fish in the Mthwalume area and Umtentwini area. They were right in shore. It’s difficult to say from the air. They looked certainly like shoals of sardines. There are some in KZN, some small pockets they haven’t been netted at this stage in time but the nets are out this morning. I’m sure that in the next day or so, we’ll see something netted in KZN.”