Durban High Court orders Zuma to apologise to Hanekom

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The Durban High Court has ruled that former President Jacob Zuma’s tweet that former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom is a known enemy agent, is defamatory and false.

Judge Dhaya Pillay has ordered Zuma to apologise within 24 hours and that he must remove the original tweet as well.

Zuma has also been ordered to pay Hanekom’s legal fees.

In court papers, Hanekom has outlined his role during the struggle and says Zuma’s tweet caused his reputation great harm.

However, Zuma’s legal representatives have argued that the former President made the comment in the context of a political debate and did not intend it to mean that Hanekom was an Apartheid spy.

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Judgment Hanekom v Zuma 6 Sept 19 (1) (Text)